The Government of India launched e-Visa (electronic Visa) facility for foreign nationals from 160+ countries who want to visit India for business, tourism or medical purposes. To visit India it is mandatorily required to have a passport with 6 month of expiry period along with a printed copy of Indian e visa before departing from the respective country they are coming to India. E Visa India becomes very easy to get like never before.

Urgent Processing: Indian e Visa

Obtaining electronic Visa for India is possible for any resident of the specified country list of 160+ countries on fast track basis. The applicant needs to apply for URGENT e VISA for that and need to select URGENT PROCESSING while filling the e visa application. The urgent processing application needs to be filled at least 72 hours before the date of arrival of applicant to India. E Visa India get quickly.

India e-Visa: An Overview

Indian e-Visa is categorized in 4 sub-categories viz. e-Tourist Visa (valid for 30 days/01 year/ 05 years), e-Business Visa (valid for 01 year), e-Medical Visa (Valid for 60 days) and e-Medical Attendant (valid for 60 days).

Entries to India

  • • e-Tourist Visa: Double in case of 30 days and Multiple in case of 1 year and 5 years.
  • • e-Business Visa: Multiple
  • • e-Medical Visa: Triple
  • • e-Medical Attendant Visa: Triple

Entry and Exit points

Foreign nationals holding Indian e-Visa can take entry to India only from 28 designated international airports or 5 major seaports as mentioned in the application. Moreover the Indian e-Visa holders can take exit from 34 Airports,31 Sea Ports, 34 Land ICPs and 5 Rails ICPs.E visa India in very easy and faster

Critical Note: Indian Visa Online Application

The applicant should fill the e Visa application only once without any error for one passport. In case the applicant applies for Indian e Visa more than once with same passport, it will cause for rejection of his e visa results. The Government of India rejects such applications on the basis of duplicity/redundancy. Furthermore if any applicant is having a valid e visa which is neither expired nor its duration completely used, no new e visa will be sanctioned for the same applicant. E Visa India like never before.

Eligibility Criteria for Indian e-Visa

  • • e-Visa seekers from qualified countries need to apply at least 3 days prior to their date of arrival with 180 days window. Get E Visa India.
  • • Pakistani passport holders are not eligible for electronic visa for India. They need to visit nearest Indian Embassy/Consulate to get regular visa.
  • • Foreign nationals eligible for Indian e-Visa must have a valid passport with 6 month validity period from his/her date of arrival to India. e Visa India cannot be obtained through travel documents.
  • • Diplomatic or official passport holders cannot avail this e-Visa service.
  • • For one passport only one application can be submitted.
  • • Kids travelling on their parents passport can not apply for this service.
  • • For Sri Lankan & Chinese passport holders the common e-Visa approval time is not applicable.
  • • For all other eligible countries e-Visa application processing time is 3 business days(urgent processing) and 7 business days (normal processing)

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